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Resonant Botanicals dives deep into hemp oil for nerves, muscles, and joints | Leafly

Last updated: 07-08-2020

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Resonant Botanicals dives deep into hemp oil for nerves, muscles, and joints | Leafly

CBD Resonant Botanicals dives deep into hemp oil for nerves, muscles, and joints Presented By Resonant Botanicals July 6, 2020   Share   Share on Twitter   Share on Facebook   PrintBrought to you by Resonant Botanicals

There are many different reasons why one may turn to CBD, but several do so because of the pain they feel in their nerves, muscles, and joints. For Resonant Botanicals founder Michael Yocco, it all started with his mom.

“I was spending the night at my mom’s house and I actually heard her whimpering and crying through the night in pain,” says Yocco. The next morning, he asked his mom what was going on. “She said that the pain in her hips from her rheumatoid arthritis was so bad that she had resigned herself to crying through the night. That was every night for her.”

Yocco, a biochemist, was already formulating a salve for a different company, so he knew a little bit about what could make hemp oil pack some extra punch. For the next couple of years, he went back and forth from Ohio every few months, each time coming back with a new formula to test on his mom.

“When she started getting relief,” says Yocco, “I said to myself, ‘I can start this company now.’”

That first hemp oil extract product was named Painless. Resonant soon expanded with MSR for joints, then Neuro-Soothe for nerves, along with several other products to help with sleep anxiety and even skin issues.

When he started getting customers with multiple kinds of pain, Yocco went back to the lab and developed a cream that combined the power of all three: Royal, a powerhouse cream designed for those with nerve, joint, and muscle pain.

With his biochemistry background, Yocco knows that formulating an effective product isn’t just about high potency—it’s about the right formula.

“For every product that I’ve developed for Resonant Botanicals, I look at the metabolic pathway,” says Yocco, referring to the way your body breaks a product down. His pain formulas, he says, are designed to take a direct route to the arachidonic acid pathway, fast tracking the body’s absorption to enhance pain relief and reduce inflammation.

He says at a certain point, if you’re not paying attention to how a body absorbs CBD, potency doesn’t matter: CBD targets your CB2 receptors, which relate to inflammation and pain relief (analgesia), but it doesn’t fully activate them. So, says Yocco, it needs a little help.

He says it’s frustrating to see a market so focused on how many milligrams of CBD everything has in it rather than taking a more holistic look at what hemp oil can do.

“There’s a certain limit where CBD gets excreted out of the body and you don’t use it anymore, so why do it?” he explains. “What I focus on is not just the CBD portion, but all those bushes around the tree, too.”

While Resonant’s products have the same science behind them, most are formulated to target a specific issue. Painless X is a more potent version of the Painless formula for muscle pain. Neuro-Soothe, like the original Painless, was formulated for Yocco’s mother, who had foot pain from neuropathy. MSR combines hemp oil with methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM) and other ingredients for bone-on-bone joint pain.

Resonant had plenty of satisfied customers, but as time went on, Yocco noticed some of them making some custom blends.

“Many long time customers started doing something they refer to as the cocktail,” he says. “That’s a little bit of Painless X added to a little bit of Neurosoothe, then they rub that up and down their spine so they get a combo effect.”

With Royal, Resonant’s latest offering, there’s no pre-mixing required.

“If you’ve got the full meal deal in pain, you just have one product to reach for,” says Yocco.

He’s very confident about his latest creation—so much that he’s offering a money-back guarantee on it. And along with that guarantee, Resonant is extending a 30% discount to all new customers with code LEAFLY30.

Give it a try and experience Royal relief at

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