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From Acupuncture to Cloves: Here are 7 natural pain killers to reduce aches

Last updated: 02-14-2020

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From Acupuncture to Cloves: Here are 7 natural pain killers to reduce aches

Natural Pain Killers: Check out the list of herbs, essential oils and other natural therapies that can act as pain relievers.

Over the counter aka OTC pain killers may relieve your pain right away, however, long term use of it often have several side effects. Some people get addicted to the same and that's not a good sign. Instead of popping pills straight out of bottles as soon as you get a toothache or backache, one should ideally go for natural food items which can help to alleviate the pain. Even if the pain persists, visit your physician and then you include prescribed medicine following a doctor's diagnosis.

Speaking of the natural ways to relieve pain, herbs, essential oils and other natural therapies have been used since ages as pain relievers, however, nowadays old school medicine is hardly followed.

Turmeric has been the go-to pain reliever since times immemorial. The curcumin compound is a great antioxidant and is a pain-relieving agent and it helps to protect and fight the free radicals which can cause pain. As per a study in 2014, Curcuma Extract is as effective as ibuprofen for pain management for those who are suffering from knee osteoarthritis. 

So, if you have pain issues, try Turmeric Tea or add it in curries, smoothies among others and it may help you to relieve the pain. One can also buy Turmeric supplements.   

If you are suffering from a toothache, then cloves can come to your rescue.  As per the studies, cloves are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. So, when in pain reach out for clove first and if the pain persists, visit your dentist.

As per several studies, acupuncture is one of the best ways to manage chronic pain.  For the unversed, while doing the same, acupuncturists place tiny and thin needles into the skin. The location of the insertion is very vital. 

Using either heat or ice packs can also help to reduce pain. For instance, one can apply an ice pack to reduce swelling and inflammation if you have experienced any strained muscle, tendon, or ligament. A cold pack can help to deal with headaches as well. Arthritis patients can use moist heat packs to relieve the pain. 

Essential oils such as Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint and Eucalyptus are some of the best pain relievers. Make sure to never directly apply the essential oils on the body. Always add a few drops of it in a carrier oil and then rub the oil mixture where you feel achy. Also, make sure you don't ingest it. Don't use it if you have any allergies. 

As per a study which was conducted in 2015, ingestion of 2 grams of ginger per day led to muscle pain reduction. As per researchers, ginger can accelerate recovery and aids to reduce inflammation as well. One can add ginger in either teas or smoothies among others. 

Yoga and mindfulness meditation not only relieves us from stress and anxiety but also helps to tackle pain. As per studies, Yoga has helped many to relieve lower back pain. Aside from back pain, there is ample evidence which proves that yoga can help to get rid of headaches and arthritis among others.

Note: The best thing is to visit your doctor and describe the details and ask your doctors if you can use these natural supplements or no.

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