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Yoga for the Chronic Life - Melissa vs Fibromyalgia

Last updated: 02-28-2020

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Yoga for the Chronic Life - Melissa vs Fibromyalgia

Yoga for the Chronic Life is yoga especially designed for chronic symptom thrivers by a chronic symptom thriver.

Melissa Reynolds is a 200 hour certified yoga teacher, with a restorative teacher certification, thousands of hours of personal practice and research specializing in taking the tools of yoga and using them for chronic pain, fatigue and insomnia.

Melissa is passionate about helping you to make simple, sustainable changes to achieve your best life. She has been supporting people with chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia and more for several years through her blog, Facebook support groups, two books, workbook, yoga programs and more.

Prior to working together we have a complimentary coffee and yoga chat to get to know you, your goals and see how I might be able to help you. Book your complimentary virtual coffee and yoga chat here. Packages start from $150 per month for two personalised sessions based on your goals and context, we also look at small, sustainable changes to help you in your journey. Because chronic pain and fatigue are whole of life, we will work the same way!

Join us for this special foundational course – Foundations of Yoga for Chronic Pain and Fatigue – to equip you make your own personal yoga toolkit. To learn the key poses and tools yoga offers and put these together in gentle classes.

Restorative Yoga for the Chronic Life is open for enrollment only until the 6th of March. We will learn how restorative yoga can help us in your goals, poses and classes to help us relax, reduce pain, improve sleep, decrease anxiety and more. We run from March 8th for 12 weeks together.

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