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The Lack of Unity in Chronic Pain Advocacy

Last updated: 05-25-2020

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The Lack of Unity in Chronic Pain Advocacy

I have been thinking about one thing more than any other when it comes to chronic pain—-the problems so many of the advocates have with each other.

It can be nasty and often personal, and I explored the issue recently in some conversations with some chronic pain leaders to get their take—they agree there is a lot of division and no one quite knows what to do about it.

In fairness to the advocates while they often complain about and seldom work with each other, they are out there.

Many other people are not.

That’s probably why I was drawn to a recent column by Steve Ariens (aka Pharmacist Steve) who has been one of the most honest and consistent voices I’ve met since we launched the National Pain Report eight years ago.

I asked him if he was ok if we republished it.

He said—as he always does—sure.

Here it is.

Nearly every day I check “Memories” that Facebook posts on my page… and I see names of people who have “liked” my page and/or started following me… and many of the names I don’t have a clue who they are or they never interact with my FB page at all.

I see the same couple of dozen people posting on FB and I notice that many people “like” the comment but few SHARE… or I see the same person posting the same thing on multiple FB pages… Nothing makes me happier than go thru FB notices to only find the same post over and over from the same person. To “like” a comment only allows FB to collect data points on you for their database… that they are selling to anyone who wants to put up the money.

Does this suggest that we have TOO MANY Facebook pages devoted to trying to deal with pain?

Many of these groups are “CLOSED/PRIVATE” and they made a post and suggest that it be SHARED…. YOU CAN’T SHARE FROM A CLOSED GROUP!!!

One chronic painer asked me the other night if we should post something about supporting some doc that is getting drug thru the DEA swamp… and my immediate response is why aren’t the doctors financially supporting the defense of their colleagues?

It has been stated that there are some 100 million chronic pain pts and that 80% are struggling financially because of their inability to work, the other spouse took off and/or the cost of their therapy.

So does that mean that there is 20% of the chronic pain pts may have a few dollars to spare… that would be 20 million? I see on TV a lot of nonprofit groups asking for JUST $19/month for their cause… Doesn’t anyone realize just what JUST $10/month from 20 million could do for a legal defense fund?

Start hiring a PR firm, Lobbyists and law firms to get the message out that our government is actively participating in a covert genocide and suiting those healthcare corporations that are supporting this genocide.

With our ingrained TWO-PARTY SYSTEM… if the current “BUM” is voted out… his/her replace is or becomes the NEW BUM. According to this article in the Washington Post the total Federal 2016 election – all candidates was 6.5 BILLION.

There are other political parties besides Democrats and Republicans and it only takes about 65 million votes to get a person elected President… about HALF the number claimed chronic pain pts… not counting their spouses and kids old enough to vote.

IMO… the chronic pain community needs to get their act together… that includes their dollars and their votes… In the EIGHT YEARS of my blog… things have not gotten any better and, probably got a lot worse and we are near the end… because many of you are still breathing and having the healthcare system spend money on your treatments.

Get you head out of the sand and quit all the whining… bitching. and moaning…

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